From Fiumicino Airport (FCO)

"Leonardo da Vinci"


    Option n.1

  • In the Airport take the train to Rome and get off at the stop "Stazione Termini" (Termini train station).
  • In front of the train station get bus line n. 64 and get off at the stop "Largo di Torre Argentina".
  • Than get bus line n. 46 and get off at the stop "Aurelia/Pio VIII". Go to Via Pio VIII. We are at n.36
    The train and the bus tickets must be bought before you get on the bus or train.

Option n. 2

Take a Taxi or a car with driver and ask for Via Pio VIII, 36.
Like reference inform the driver that this address is in front of the Hospital Villa Luisa Via Aurelia, 223 (St. Peter area).
Price is about 40/50 Euro. Is your right pay the amount shown in the counter
with only surcharge for baggage, nocturnal or holidays service (Sunday, Xmas,exc..).

If you want we can arrange a pick up service from the airport to KingDavid


If you have any problems do no hesitate to call 328 26 34 640 or 335 81 95 699.
Our address: Via Pio VIII, 36 - 00165 - Roma.